Saturday, April 21, 2007

VW Transporter 60th Birthday

Back in Holland we were due to swing by our mates at POPTOP (VW campervan specialists) to collect a few more things we required for the summer leg. But lucky we checked on their website first, because on the day we were due to be in their neck of the woods, they weren’t going to be there…they would be at the VW Transporter 60th birthday party!!

Being the proud owners of one utterly gorgeous VW Transporter T4 we couldn’t miss an opportunity like this! So with favourite cousin Fenna on board we headed off to the party.

The Kiwi contingent!

While we were expecting to see more than a few Transporters over the weekend long event, nothing quite prepared us for the 1000+ vans and around 4000 people camped up for a weekend of celebration!

Lots of pretty poptops camped in a row

Fields and fields of Transporters

The start of the great Transporter drive by. Imagine being stuck behind this lot!

And how well organised it was, being very well funded by VW themselves to mark 60 years of the Transporter in Holland. Parked up around the 4 different fields were Transporters of all different shapes, sizes and colours, from the cute little T1 and T2 Combis to the very flash latest edition T5s.

After spending the afternoon walking around admiring all the different vans, the celebration came alive in the evening with BBQs (with both the actual BBQs and food packs supplied by the organisers) and a live band and beer tent. What a great party!

Happy 60th!

Here are some of the highlights from the weekend...

Happy camping! An original T1

The afternoon's entertainment - the DJ camper!

Modified T2

The Belgian beer bar

Flower Powered T2

Genuine Surf Safari

The oldest driving T1 - an original Dutch fire engine!

Very stylish camping - Jamie Oliver eat your heart out!

but the most gorgeous of them all....Wickse Witte


Lars said...

Happy birthday Wickse!!
great blog
see you guys

favorite cousin Fenna said...

Tell us about the eggs in the morning !!! hahaha